SOE Webinar Programme

SOE are delighted to announce a series of comprehensive Ophthalmology webinars which will run from October 2021 to May 2022.

The webinars will be free for participants to attend and will cover a wide range of topics with international speakers and experts. Below is the provisional programme, speakers and topic titles will be updated regularly. Check back for more details or sign up to receive the SOE newsletter for all updates.


Date: Friday 22 October
Time: 1830-2030hrs CEST
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Neuro-ophthalmology: Hot Topics 2021

Despite, the current difficult period due to Covid19, we were able to adjust to this slightly different way of presenting and are proud to bring new professional knowledge to a wider round.

The first SOE get-together as a webinar is on the 22 October 2021 and it includes six talks in the Neuro-Ophthalmology field, all by excellent international presenters. 

The topics which were chosen are a combination of the classical Neuro-Ophthalmology armamentarium, like “Life-threatening diplopia” and “The swollen optic disc”, as well as a current hot subject of interest: “The neuroophthalmological manifestations of Covid19”. All of us are very excited to host a webinar this year but are even more excited and looking forward to meeting face to face again, in Prague 2023.

Moderators: Shlomo Dotan (Israel), Jonathan Trobe (United States)

Life Threatening Diplopia – Andrew Lee (United States)
Positive Visual Phenomena – Gordon Plant (United Kingdom)
Neuro-ophthalmic Manifestations of COVID-19 – Karl Golnik (United States)

Swollen Optic Disc – Jonathan Trobe (United States)
Optic Neuritis and other Optic Neuropathies – Misha Pless (Switzerland)
Giant Cell Arteritis – Nicholas J. Volpe (United States)


Date: Friday 26 November

Time: 1600-1730hrs CET
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How to Prevent Myopia Onset and Reduce Myopia Progression

The prevalence of myopia and pathological myopia is increasing substantially and will become the most common cause of visual impairment and blindness in Europe unless we are acting now. There are already effective myopia control interventions to prevent myopia onset and to slow down its progression. The main aim of the webinar is to provide information and guidance for eye care practitioners how to prevent and manage the development and progression of myopia.


Date: Friday 26 November
Ophthalmic A&E


Date: Friday 17 December


Date: Friday 17 December
Complex Cataracts for FEBOS-CR Level


Date: Friday 28 January 2022


Date: Friday 28 January 2022

Oncology & Pathology

Date: Friday 25 February 2022
Current Advances & Interactive Case Discussions in Ophthalmic Oncology


Date: Friday 25 February 2022
Structure-Function Relationships in Retina and Neuro-ophthalmology


Date: Friday 25 March 2022
Where Ophthalmology Training is Heading For?
2am Ocular Emergencies

Paediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus

Date: Friday 29 April 2022


Date: Friday 20 May 2022


Date: Friday 20 May 2022